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Expect to receive incredible service and to be treated with honesty, respect, and integrity.

Questions or Concerns?
Even if you aren’t ready to make changes to your home, you are welcome to reach out to us! We hope to be viewed as a friendly and knowledgeable home resource that you can call anytime. DLS offers an affordable option of comprehensive home services to the people of the Carolinas and surrounding areas.


We offer prompt quality service, and promise customer satisfaction.

We cannot wait to hear from you!








609A Piner Road, Ste. 135
Wilmington, NC 28409

Our knowledgeable experts will guide you through any questions you may have, helping you to meet each of your home accessibility needs.

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Our Special Offers:

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  • Home Safety Inspection

  • Product Warrantee

  • Referral Discount

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Here is what our Happy Customers say:

   Dave and the crew were great - they persevered until successfully mapping the stairway! There is a large window at the landing, and the glare was interfering, but they took the time to figure it out. Thank you for the info you provided. And thanks for sending the team over today.

    Very best, Cathy

    Hi Dave, Thank you for your patience and hard work. We LOVE what you did in the house.

    Sincerely, Bob & Wendy

    Dave and his team get two thumbs up from us. The bathroom is so bright an open now. A great improvement.

    Much thanks,  Joshua

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